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What’s in Your Stash?

Silk kimono jacket

My friend, Kathleen Blohm is an accomplished artist. Her usual attire is t-shirt and jeans spattered with paint, clay and related artistic mediums. When she must appear at a show featuring her work, Kathleen’s in a panic. She has nothing to wear. For years, Kathleen’s been storing an amazing piece of ikat silk bought in […]

Sew When it’s Hot

Model wearing beach dress in blue rayon made from Petite Plus Patterns 401 Nightgown PJs

In the heat of the day, savvy sewers find a cool place to sew. There’s still time to sew up a cool ensemble! One of our favourite patterns for a summer quickie is #401 Nightgown PJ. Don’t be fooled by its name; you can sew a whole lot more than sleepwear with this versatile pattern. […]

Beat the Heat and the Dreaded Chub Rub

Bike Short-Knickers as worn under Easy Dress

When the Heat Rises, the Inner Thigh will Chafe We love a loose dress when the weather gets balmy but for many of us, inner thigh chafing or burn – the dreaded “chub rub” is too painful a reality. Bike Shorts to the Rescue Enter an undergarment often called a bike short. Bike shorts started […]

How to Cut Pants into Capris and Add a Cuff – Part 1

Shapely Blouse, Classic Fly Front Pant

Show off some leg with a Capri Pant. Capri pants are a stylish alternative to skirts and shorts. They can be worn to the office or the beach and look great with heels, flats, sandals or sneakers. What’s the difference between Cropped and Capri Pants? Both cropped and capri pants are shorter than traditional full-length […]