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Here’s what sewers are saying about Petite Plus Patterns and courses offered by Kathleen

Rogie Sussman Faber
After falling in love with #304 Easy Wrap Dress and Top for my sequin knit dress, I decided I would attempt to conquer my fear of sewing with wovens and make it again. Wow, wovens are easy to work with! This is a cotton/linen blend from my catalog. I can’t wait to make it again in a darker fabric – I needed white for a specific function, otherwise I never ever wear white because it attracts every stain. Usually I feel like I am all chest in photos, but with this dress I feel like you can actually see definition in my waist and I don’t feel like my chest is intrusive. I love your instructions and fitting.

Wrap Dress in white cotton/linen.
Rogie Sussman Faber /
Rogie Sussman Faber
I just made your Easy Wrap Dress #304 for a wedding. I used a stretch sequin lace underlined with a bamboo knit. I love the way it came out. It’s so nice having the wrap go under the bust properly. I’ve never felt so good wearing a dress – I usually stay away from them because either I look like I’m wearing a tent or like I’m “trying too hard.” This pattern fit so well, the directions were easy to follow and it was so easy to sew. I can’t wait to try another one of your patterns! 🙂
Rogie Sussman Faber /
Your patterns have clean lines and are easy to alter. The sewing instructions are clear. With different fabrics and all the options (necklines, collars, etc.) you offer, I can sew a new wardrobe with only a few patterns. I want to spend more time sewing, less time fitting patterns and finally have the clothes I need. Thank you for your good work. Francine T

Hi Kathleen, I own all and will buy any class that you offer in the future on Craftsy. I am not a plus size but that doesn’t matter, I have a flat seat and other fitting problems. Your instructions are unique, straight forward, clearly explained and will work for any size body or type. I have found information from your other classes also to be invaluable. Thank you. A Craftsy Student

I just had to share with you how much I have enjoyed the Shapely blouse pattern from your book. I have made 3 of them with the cap sleeve. They fit so perfectly, it is such a wonderful feeling to know that I can actually button the front and I feel thinner with all the shaping!!! I have worn this pattern with jeans, skirts, cropped pants and it looks fantastic. I have tried every pattern company out there, the big 4, some of the independents but NONE have fit me like your patterns. I have just ordered the wrap front dress and the yoked blouse. I can’t wait to try them. Thank you so much, your patterns are wonderful. I love to sew clothes but fit is what is so important. Your presentation to our ASG group (Silverdale, WA) was so positive about accepting who you are and looking your best that it is something I have never forgotten. Sincerely, Nancy Olson

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Jeans pattern and the yoked blouse. I’ve received many compliments on both. In fact my friend kept asking what store I bought the jeans in and my other friend couldn’t believe I made them. They are my all time favorites. I love the sweater pattern too and have made a lot of T-shirts from it.

Having patterns that fit me with only a few minor alterations has made sewing my own clothes so much more enjoyable and I have gained so much more self confidence thanks to you. I still sew for the grandchildren and my home, but sewing for me gets equal time, and I’m loving it. Thanks for your super patterns! Sandra Wisemiller

I think you have the best understanding of fit for women with our issues that I’ve ever seen. For some reason I keep buying ones from the Big 4 (when they’re 99 cents, of course!), but those always end up being so much more complicated (or impossible) to fit properly. If not for having to adjust for my B cup bust size, I could use most of your designs right out of the package. Thank you, Kathleen! Julie Davey

The video is amazing. I have a few videos on constructing a jacket, but yours is by far the most informative. The step-by-step instructions are so simple, clear and concise. I am happy that I bought the video and would recommend it highly to others. Emma S, Oklahoma City OK

I teach sewing (beginners to professionals). Every one of my students just bought a copy of your book, Perfect Plus to use in the classroom. We are all in need of a new wardrobe and this seemed to be the answer. Some of my students are absolute beginners, yet this book seems tailor-made for all the different levels of expertise in the class. We’re now planning a shopping trip to a nearby city to get the fabric so we can get started. Thank you! Katrina Alanko, Gravenhurst ON

I received Perfect Plus yesterday. I just made a muslin from the Simple Slimming Jacket pattern included in the book. Wow, even the muslin looks good! So, now I am on my way to creating a wardrobe for myself. I am so inspired to sew for myself again. Your patterns are classic and meet the need for those of us who are “plus and short”. (I am so tired of trying to adjust patterns designed for taller, slim figures.)

I also made a jacket from your Jeans Jacket pattern #204, with few alterations. It is my favorite to wear. Thank you again. Sigrid Petrie, Longbranch WA

Perfect Plus is wonderful. Very well done! You have covered everything in a clear, easy to understand format. You have covered everything one needs to know to have a wardrobe that is attractive and fits well. All one need add is a little creativity in choosing their own fabrics. Kudos to you. LaVern Bell

I teach sewing, design, and fit in the Baltimore, Maryland, area. Today a student tried on a muslin of your All Season Dress pattern #303. Her figure is exactly the type that your patterns are designed for. There will be some slight changes needed, but very few and minor ones. Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am. And I certainly will recommend your patterns to other students who have figures that you cut for. I also do custom work, and I’ll definitely keep your patterns in mind for my customers as well. Great contribution to the sewing community! Sarah Veblen

Thank you for your fabulous Jeans Jacket Pattern. I have tried to make jean jackets before and have never been satisfied with the fit. I decided to try your pattern #204 and was absolutely astonished at how beautifully it went together. Thank you, thank you!!! I made the jean jacket in black and white toile twill accented with black windowpane check on the collar, cuffs, pocket and bottom band. The jacket fits perfectly and looks very chic! Each time I wear it, people compliment me on it. This pattern is definitely a winner!

I am also thinking of modifying the pattern to a vest without sleeves for summer. I don’t think the armholes are too big and if they are, I can fix that easily. I am so happy as I was about to give up on making clothes for myself. Now, I’ll be using more of your patterns, for sure! Thank you again. Karen Hayes, Davis CA

I made the Walking Skort #651 finally this past week and have to say, it is a nicely designed pattern for looks and function. The divided skirt gives room, movement and a nice line, the pants are roomy enough but not too much and I can see this as a nice garment for golf in the hot season. Since I don’t have the build or the legs of the Rockettes I do not wear shorts very much but I like this pattern and I am just sorry it took me so long to decide to try it. I have started a second pair. I have also made a few of the Button Front Shirt #103. The design is also very good, the lines good and the long sleeve a breeze to make with the wrist tuck. I’ll keep sewing if you will keep designing! Barb McKnight, Goderich, ON

I have just made up the Shapely Shirt #104. I have always admired the shape of it. Although I am 5’7″ all my height is in my legs and when I measured myself I found I fit your size 14 perfectly. The only alteration I did was to extend the back dart higher as I am quite narrow across the back. A really lovely shirt that I know I’ll be making again. Stephanie Reekie, Brighton, Victoria, Australia

Kathleen, I’m doing the SWAP on Stitcher’s Guild and am using some of your patterns. I made up two of the All Season Dress, View A and also a Shapely Shirt. I love how great they all look! Hope you like them too. Lisette Carrithers, Hamden, CT

The video on sewing jackets arrived a few days ago – and I have been glued to it in my off hours. It is so well done, and Kathleen, I can see why sewers feel as though you are a friend. I have already put what I’ve learned to use on a problem with the back vent on a purchased wool dress. I am treating it as you demonstrated the sleeve vent in the video and it’s looking great. Thank you. Katherine Miller

I have been looking for ages for patterns for what I term “the normal people with a bit of class” and from looking at your site I think I have at last found, to quote an old song – Oh sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found thee. Many thanks for such an interesting site. Edith Osborne, England

I have been looking for patterns to fit me for a long time. I saw Petite Plus Patterns a few years ago in a sewing magazine but thought, “oh yeah here we go again!” I read some of the testimonials & thought these can’t be true, these people are just being nice. I decided to take a chance and order a few Petite Plus Patterns. When I got them I was so excited. I began with the Button Front Blouse #103. I didn’t make any alterations. No problems, and to my utter amazement the blouse FIT ME! Boy was I happy! The bust darts were a little too high but I spoke to Kathleen and she explained how to fix the problem easily. I am really kicking myself for not getting these patterns sooner. Now that I have found MY PATTERNS, I have 11 of them that will make my complete wardrobe. I am so happy to have patterns that aren’t going to take the joy out of sewing and I can get rid of the boxes of other patterns that I thought were good. Thanks Kathleen you are a life saver! Jeannie McGaughey Mission, BC

I just made the #601 Flat Front Pant. They fit the first time around including the stomach area which has been my main problem. The length did not even have to be adjusted. I am barely 5′ and an experienced seamstress but I have always hated making pants. I just want to say thanks for the great fit and a truly petite plus pattern. Ila Allen

I really love all your patterns. Most of them are simple enough for beginning sewers and the things I have made did not need any modifications — its as if you custom made them for me! You made sewing fun again. Elaine Buczek

It is so cool to be able to sew again without spending two hours altering a pattern. I fit your size 18 pattern perfectly. I find that the pattern designers for the “Big” patterns companies think that we with curves want Boxy clothing when just the opposite is true. I find if I put a boxy garment on…. I…. well, look like a box. Thanks for making things with curves.
Melissa Calhoun, Portland, OR

I am 5’6″ but the trunk of my body is quite short while my legs are very long. I really like the #601 Flat Front Pant. The waist, hip and crotch of the pants fit very well. I just add 1 inch above the knee and 1 inch below the knee for my long legs and that’s all I have to do with the pattern. I make a size 16 without any alterations to your top numbers 101 and 103. Never before have I been able to do that with standard patterns. I am not quite plus size, but I am short waisted. Even when I weighed less, I had to shorten the upper part of my patterns. Now that I am a D cup it is hard to fit into ready to wear clothes. If it fits in the bust area, the neck and shoulders are way too big and the waistline is too long. Your patterns are not just for short women. Average height women with bodies like mine enjoy the luxury of a perfect fit with one very simple adjustment for length. Jackie Vetter

I have just learned to sew (4 months now), and as my second project I tried your flat front pants because I can never find pants that fit right in the stores. Well, I followed all of the measuring instructions in the pattern and sewed them up. I LOVE THEM!!!! They actually fit! I couldn’t believe it! The instructions on altering the pattern to fit one’s body measurements were great! Thorough and easy to understand. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I am now making a second pair and can’t wait to have them finished! This is wonderful! I saw your online catalog and am interested in trying some of your other patterns too. Please keep expanding your offerings! Laura

I just wanted to let you know that I made the short sleeve shell blouse and it went together wonderfully and fit very well. I didn/t have to shorten 4-5 in. as I do regularly. The smaller seam allowance worked well especially in the armscye and neckline- no excess material to fight with. Your indications for the use of interfacing made a big difference in how the blouse looked- it made a trim, neat fit, especially the hemline and side vents. I am now on to trying the skort as golf season is coming to the east soon. Will keep your website on my favorites and visit you regularly.Thanks for making sewing and most importantly fit, fun again. Barb McKnight

I sat in last year at the Victoria Sewing Show on one of your workshops and again this year. I need to tell you you are an inspirational speaker, a calming influence on emotions, someone who makes people feel good about who we are and reinforce that although we may not be a perfect size 8, or even a perfect size 18 we are a wonderful addition to the world in which we live. Yours was the last class I attended on Sunday (wardrobe wow), I left the show exhausted, inspired to try new things and specifically understanding from your seminar that I truly am my own best customer. I purchased your pants pattern, intend on purchasing the shirt and jacket patterns and know that I will make these, wear them with pride and as I stand facing front on in the mirror I will know (and believe) that I look good.Thank you and I hope to catch one of your seminars again next year. Tracie Nadiger

I wanted to write and tell you how much I absolutely love the #104 Shapely Shirt. I can’t believe I could just sew it out of the envelope. My fitting instructor is never going to believe it- it took 3 weeks to get a plain blouse to fit in her class. I am going to start on the Tux vest tonight in white linen and make a white linen skirt to go with all of it. I am so thrilled. I’d like to take 2 weeks off and do nothing but sew up your patterns! Lisette Carrithers, New Haven, CT

I arrived home at 6:30PM and found your patterns in the mailbox and immediately studied them and took measurements in a mirror. I began with the short sleeved shell. The shoulders and neckline fit so well on the first try. It doesn’t look like a sack on me, it’s shaped for the bust and leaves plenty of room for the tummy and big abdomen. Your measurements and adjustments were just what was needed. I was so impressed with your instructions that I had to write now. Your instructions were extremely clear and very easy to follow. They were far better than anything I have seen ANYWHERE!! I have studied at least 15 books on fitting and pattern adjustments, along with lots of Threads articles and websites. I am grateful that there is someone out there who has experience with these figure challenges, understands and can communicate so effectively. I thank you for your efforts and wish you great success with your business. Laurel

You’ve really got petite plus figures down to a science! Anna Turek

I have a few Petite Plus Patterns and love the detailed directions — it’s like have a sewing tutor on hand while I complete the project! Andrea Wise

I am just writing to let you know how much I learned from your seminars regarding fitting at the Sewing and Craft Fair in Victoria. Your method of bringing people from the audience and showing the fitting step to correct each situation just clicked with me. It was very informative. Thank you so much. Carol Bliss, Vernon, BC

It certainly was my pleasure to see you at the Abbotsford sewing show. If I ever won on the Lotto my dream would be to pick up the cheque wearing a Kathleen Cheetham creation because I know my outfit would fit properly, making me look my best. Sheila Ann Slade, Abbotsford, BC

Dear Kathleen: Perhaps you remember me from last year’s sewing expo in Denver, I helped out in your booth. I am the pattern reviewer for our Denver American Sewing Guild magazine called “The Thread Affair” and I have a regular column there. Attached you will find two of my reviews of your patterns. I am glad you are targeting the petite plus group, and hope these reviews get the word out. Sew cheerfully. Dr. Joy Landeira, Boulder, CO

Even though I have not yet cut and sewed the pattern (I needed to get some sleep before coming to work today), I was so impressed with your instructions that I had to write now. Your instructions were extremely clear and very easy to follow. They were far better than anything I have seen ANYWHERE!! I have studied at least 15 books on fitting and pattern adjustments, along with lots of Threads articles and websites. I was ready to draft my own out of sheer exasperation. I will let you know how it turns out – I suspect it will go well, based on eyeing the pattern pieces.

A few days later:
I am now at the final steps of the short sleeved shell garment … I just need to hem and sew the button on. I am now even more impressed. This fits far better than any outer clothing I have sewn in years, and on the first try, thanks to your adjustment guides. Again, thanks so much for your hard work and commitment to these fitting challenges, and your clear and concise directions. I have been too discouraged to sew clothing lately… I have stuck mostly to sewing my bras and custom swimwear because I could get them to fit right. I hope you will have many more patterns to come. Laurel

I have just made up your pants pattern 601 in muslin. They fit in the crotch!!! I am soooo excited. I have been crazed trying to find or alter a pattern that is short enough in the front and big enough in the rear, and not too big in the legs. Yours is perfect. Just wanted to let you know you have a very happy customer. Ruth Einsig, Orlando FL

I had a wonderful July long weekend of SEWING!! I made two #151 Tunic Length Vests and a #103 Button Front Blouse. I followed the fitting instructions exactly, starting with a size 16, and enlarging its D cup front for my DDD bust. I was a bit confused when it came time to move the dart, but then I thought, just quit thinking and just follow the instructions! I’m happy with the results, and it’s by far the best fitting garment I’ve sewn in a long time. Your instructions are very thorough, and full of helpful details. I love how the hems turned out with interfacing. Thanks as well for the great tips on directional stitching and under stitching. I’m receiving lots of compliments on the vests and blouse. I’ve paired them up with a new leather skirt. Their silhouette and below hip length look great with a tight, short skirt! Marie Fidoe, Victoria, BC

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Flat Front Pant pattern. I’ve only sewn around 20 garments. Mostly I’ve made purses and home decorator items because I’ve had trouble making things fit. I made the pants for my Mom yesterday morning. They look great on her and with your easy to follow instructions, I was able to make them fit to a “T”. Not to pat myself on the back, but we both feel that they are the best pants we have seen on her. Thanks again. Sheila Howell

Your patterns are terrific. Because of you, my daughter has started to sew. She is a 4 foot 10 inch Petite Plus. The styles are great for her! Tina Weiss, Squamish, BC

I just started sewing last year and have made almost everything you have out so far. I love being able to add to my wardrobe anytime I want and make things that fit me…not someone 5′ 10″ (and have to cut half the outfit off or have the sleeves hang down to my knees!) My mom is happy too now that I have an interest in sewing. Thanks for making patterns that are easy to follow, easy to adjust for me personally, and that fit me just right! Shannon Weiss

I have wept in too many dressing rooms. Now I’m going back to my trusted sewing machine. Caroline Griffith, New Haven, CT

I love your patterns. I have most of them. One of the great things about your patterns is that I can just cut them out, sew them up and have something that fits. You have spoiled me! Thank you. Ada Hathaway, Cedar Rapids, IA

I recently had my first experience modeling at the Denver Creative Festival. I’m almost 50, short and pudgy, so modeling wasn’t something I expected. I helped Kathleen Cheetham exhibit her Petite Plus Pattern samples. I had fun, probably because the clothes are very pretty, and they fit! There were five models one day, and four the next for the fashion show, and we were all different shapes, heights, and sizes. We all looked delightful in these patterns. The sizing is perfect for women who are size 14 – 24 +, but aren’t 7 feet tall with Rosie Grier’s neck. Caroline Gensheimer, Ft. Collins, CO

I’d like to tell you that it’s nice to finally find a pattern that fits and is easy to adjust. Your directions are very easy to follow.

I just wanted to thank you for Petite Plus Patterns. They have been so wonderful to work with, and have saved me literally weeks of fitting time. I am enclosing a picture of a suit I made using Pattern # 202 Princess Seamed Blazer. It fit like a dream with very little altering once the pattern was cut from the fabric. Many thanks. Wendy Hays, Idaho Falls, ID 202 Blazer photo