We help petite-plus women sew clothes with patterns that fit!

Patterns for Petites

Petite women have made do for so long with tugging, gaping, baggy, out of proportion clothes. The good news is that as a sewer, you have the power to make clothes “just right” for you.

Petite Plus Patterns are designed especially for the smaller-framed, full-figured woman with narrower shoulders, a full cup bust, rounded tummy, and delicious full curves.

Our “look” is classic – basics with clean lines that you can dress up or down with fabric and accessories.

If you put your heart into a sewing project only to find it fits badly, you know that without a good fit, a garment looks awful! We all have some fitting challenge. Yours might be an extra full (or flat) bust, tummy, or seat. In our custom clothing business, we’ve seen lots of fit challenges. That’s why we offer custom fitting advice within our patterns or on our website.

Treat yourself to a new wardrobe with Petite Plus Patterns!