A Shirt Style from a Blouse Pattern

Variation on Yoked Blouse pattern

If the Pattern Fits, Keep Using It

Patricia Hoeft liked the fit of our Yoked Blouse #108 so much, she decided to make a variation and add more style to her wardrobe. Patricia kindly sent us this photo to show how she created a shirt-look from our blouse pattern.

Start with a pattern that fits.

Patricia started with Petite Plus Patterns #108 Yoked Blouse.

Cover, Petite Plus Patterns 108 Yoked Blouse, size 12-24, illustration, flats, Designed for Narrow Shoulders, Full Bust
Petite Plus Patterns #108 Yoked Blouse in sizes 12-24

Make a working copy of the pattern.

If you like the original pattern, keep it safe by tracing or punching out a working copy for your style variations.

Decide where the neckline will sit.

Patricia began by raising the pattern neckline to that of a shirt she liked in her wardrobe.

A shirt overlap is straight at the center front.

On the front hem line, Patricia straightened the center front curve at the button overlap. She created a shirt-style strip for buttons and buttonholes to run the length of the shirt front.

yoked blouse variation
Patricia’s Hem Variation

Measure and draw a new collar.

Then she drafted a collar stand and collar to fit the measurement of her  new neckline.

yoked blouse variation
Patricia’s Neckline and Collar Variation

Straighten a curve and add a tidy tab.

On the sleeve cuff, Patricia says she eliminated the upturned point, leaving a simple turn-back cuff. To give the turn-back cuffs a nice finish, Patricia drafted and added sleeve tabs.

yoked blouse variation
Patricia’s Cuff & Sleeve Tab Variation

Enjoy a fresh look with a pattern that fits.

Patricia says, “Everything else was perfect with the pattern. I didn’t have to alter a thing. It fit right out of the “box”. I can’t tell you how happy I was in making this pattern – as I have, I’m sure 400+ shirt patterns that don’t fit!”

Thank you for sharing your project, Patricia. We love what you did!